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Microsoft On Marketing Phones: “We’ve Massively Retrenched”

“We’ve massively retrenched,” Microsoft EVP/CMO Chris Capossela said about Microsoft’s smartphone-hardware plans during the recent Citi Global Tech Conference.

He reiterated Microsoft’s plans to focus on two smartphone customers: enterprises and flagship phones for Windows “fans,” one report said.

“For us in the next couple of years we’re really going to focus on building phones that obviously showcase Windows 10, but we’re going to try to build phones for two audiences,” he said. “We’re going to build phones for our Windows fans. If you love Windows 10, if you love your Windows 10 tablet, or Surface, or laptop, we want to have a beautiful phone for you, something you’d be incredibly proud of that’s going to have the same experience across your devices, the same apps will run on the phone as run on your Windows 10 laptop or tablet.”

For enterprises, he said, “We know business customers want a very, very secure phone that’s incredibly good at calendar management, at e-mail, at productivity, and Skype for Business, et cetera. And so we think those two segments are segments we can focus on and build a much, much better solution and much better business than we have today.”

A full transcript of his remarks is available here.