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Mettis Trainer, ‘Holy Grail of Golf Instruction,’ Makes CES 2016 Debut

A new innovation in wearable biofeedback technology, the Mettis Trainer from Bend Tech tracks pressure points on the sole during activity with a patent-pending insert, enabling runners and golfers to self-correct balance and form to achieve optimal performance and avoid injury. The company is showing the technology at CES this week.  

For golfers, Mettis Trainer tracks balance and weight distribution, making this “the holy grail of golf instruction,” according to one executive with a global distribution company. The Mettis Trainer shoe insert, and companion smartphone application, monitors real-time balance, force and weight distribution while running on the course or on the field of play. Each insert has three BendSensors, weighs less than 60 grams and features a comfortable yet durable insert estimated to last 300-500 miles.

Using a smartphone, the Mettis Trainer displays real-time data via Bluetooth to a wireless device. These proprietary BendSensors, manufactured by Flexpoint Sensor Systems, measure force applied in each heel, and on the lateral and medial side of the foot.

The Mettis Trainer is now available for manufacturing.

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