NEW YORK — The TWICE Top 25 Digicam & Camcorder Retailers Report ranks the leading digital imaging dealers by sales revenue of digital point-and-shoot and SLR cameras as well as camcorders.

The rankings do not include revenue from printing services or accessories such as lenses and tripods, nor do they include non-camera-specific intregrated evices such as smartphones.

Retail sales figures are based on information supplied by retailers responding to a 300-dealer survey by TWICE and research partner The Stevenson Company. Absent their input, estimates were developed from Stevenson’s internal market-tracking surveys (TraQline) and industry sizing based on wholesale shipment figures from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), average retail price points by products, and other sources.

All estimates were further refined with public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), TWICE industry analyses, financial analysts’ reports, published data and other sources. Sales figures for 2010 were then compared with 2009 sales tallies and adjusted if necessary.

Sales are considered to be revenue received for merchandise only sold solely through the retail channel.


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