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Meridian Expands Custom DSP Speaker Selection

New York – Meridian expanded its selection of active custom-installed DSP speakers to three SKUs with the shipment of the compact $2,500-each DSP320.

The 12-inch-square speaker joins the $7,500-each DSP640 and$5,000-each DSP520. Prices exclude back box and frame kit, which costs $400 each.

The new model is designed for in-wall and in-ceiling installation, while the larger and longer DSP640 and DSP520 are intended for in-wall use only.

The two-way enclosed speaker connects via proprietary SpeakerLink inputs to Meridian sources. SpeakerLink delivers balanced 96kHz/24-bit digital audio and control signals over 300 feet of CAT-5e RJ-45-terminated cable from Meridian’s source components. SpeakerLink is promoted as eliminating signal losses and coloration induced by analog signals riding on a cable. It also simplifies cable connections because Meridian DSP speakers can be daisychained to avoid home-running each speaker to a Meridian source.

By using on-board DSP for crossover and other functions, the speakers are said to deliver superior performance compared with conventional speakers and yield the equivalent to a speaker in an enclosure with eight times the physical volume. DSP also provides thermal and dynamic bass protection with very accurate transients to ensure the speaker always deliver clean, detailed and accurate sound even at high volume levels over prolonged periods of time, the company said.

The internal Class D amp is rated at 2x 80 watts.

The speaker features a rigid aluminium baffle, magnetic-grille clamping, and paintable, matte- white grille.