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Memora Serves Up A/V, E-Mail Server

WALTHAM, MASS. — Memora Corp. has developed a personal server that lets users store and access audio and video, e-mail and other content on a password-protected basis from any PC or browser-equipped device in the home and from any browser-equipped remote PC.

The Servio server is available with 30GB or 60GB hard drives at $1,495 and $1,995, respectively, to store content accessed through a browser-based interface. The device also features a CD-R/RW burner and operates as a gateway for a home PC network. A broadband modem is needed.

The server is administered remotely by Memora because the server — a combination Web-page, e-mail, and database server — would be too complex for most people to administer on their own, said marketing director Nick Burling. The purchase price includes service and support with no extra monthly fees. Service would include spam filtering and firewall administration.

Servio supports MPEG 1 and 2 for full-motion video, MP3 and QuickTime for audio, and streaming in those formats.

Because the server can share a user’s ISP e-mail address, the server not only allows for remote access from any PC, but it also means users aren’t constrained by ISP limits on the number of e-mails and attachments or attachment-size limits, said Burling. A user also isn’t locked out of email in the event of an ISP server crash.

The company is selling through its Web site and home automation installers and plans to build the retail channel in the coming months. Memora can be reached at or at (781) 642-8750.