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Maxell Intros Headphones At CES

Maxell introduced a noise cancellation headphone at CES here this month that the company said compares “very favorably” with similarly featured units at four times the price.

Model HP/NC-II, designed for airline travel and home theater use, is said to eliminate up to 95 percent of sounds that interfere with a user’s listening. It offers enhanced audibility of distinct tones for a truer audio representation, reduced distortion resulting from over-amplification, lower non-linear distortion and reduced variability in frequency response.

Loaded with features, the HP/NC-II from the Fair Lawn, N.J.-based Maxell, includes digital-ready stereo headphones that are comfortable. lightweight and easy to adjust. It is collapsible and compact for portability and ease of storage. It offers 50 hours of battery power with two AAA batteries (not included) and a dual-prong adapter for portable and in-flight entertainment systems. Included for the $49.99 suggested retail is a drawstring travel storage pouch. Availability is March.

Maxell also debuted DTS/5.1 surround-sound headphones with full-size ear cups, light weight and extra comfort. Ideal for game players and home theater use, the unit’s in-line volume controls provide front, rear, center and subwoofer total preference.

Features of the $89.99- suggested-retail headphones include LED power indicator, power touch switch, LED mute indicator, mute touch switch, 5.1 channel/2.1 switch and LED headphone/speaker out indicator. It comes with a 2.5-meter headphone cable, G9 to 3-by-3.5mm stereo plug signal and 2-meter cable. Availability is July.