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Marantz Expands AirPlay, Networking


Marantz is expanding its selection of
A/V receivers (AVR) with network capabilities and Apple
AirPlay technology, continuing a networking focus it
launched last year.

Four new AVRs include two slim-line models with 4.13-
inch height. They are the $399-suggested NR 1402
and the $649-suggested NR1602. The latter features
Apple AirPlay and home-networking capability to stream
thousands of Internet radio stations, stream music from
a networked PC, and access the online music services
Pandora, Rhapsody and Napster.

Two new SR-series AVRs are the7x110-watt SR6006
at a suggested $1,199 and the 7×100-watt SR5006 at
$799. Both feature Apple AirPlay, and the SR6006 adds
networking capabilities to stream Internet radio stations,
Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, the Flickr photo-sharing service,
and music and photos from a networked PC. The
SR6006 also features built-in HD Radio tuner, expanding
the selection of AVRs with HD Radio.

The SR models feature the brand’s star and porthole
display, multiple HDMI 1.4a inputs for compatibility with
all HDMI-mandated 3D formats, HDMI audio return channel,
optional stereo Bluetooth streaming via a $99 accessory,
HDMI-signal up-scaling to 1080p, front-panel iPodcompatible
USB ports, and playback of MP3, WMA and
WAV files. Their remotes provide iPod playback control of
the play, stop, fast-forward, rewind, skip forward, random
and repeat play functions, and the AVRs show music track
info on their new graphical user interface.

The SR5006 has six HDMI inputs, and
the SR6006 has seven, plus two HDMI
outputs. The SR6006 also adds DLNA
1.5 certification. The SR6006 features
three-zone output, while the 5006 has a
two-zone output. Both support audio bitstreams
up to 320kbps and feature Dolby
Pro Logic IIz post-processing and Dolby
True HD and dts HD decoding.

In the slim-line AVRs, Marantz is offering
3D-capable HDMI 1.4a inputs and
outputs, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, optional
stereo Bluetooth streaming, a dedicated
2.1-channel preamp output, Audyssey Dynamic
Volume, Audyssey Dynamic EQ and
Audyssey MultEQ.

The NR1602 adds two-zone output,
AirPlay, networking, full RS232 control
and an iPod-compatible front-panel USB