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Marantz Adds Special-Edition 2-Channel Series

Marantz America launched a two-SKU two-channel component-audio Pearl series to celebrate 30 years of product development by Marantz audio designer Ken Ishiwata.

Designed and engineered by Ishiwata, the two KI Pearl units are the SA-KI SACD player at a suggested $2,999 and the PM-KI integrated amplifier at $3,599). A limited number of SA-KI units will be shipped in May 2009 to select Marantz retailers, followed by September availability of the integrated amp.

Ishiwata, who is also a violinist and fashion photographer, “has literally been the vision and guiding spirit of Marantz hifi for 30 years,” said Kevin Zarow, marketing and product development VP for Marantz America. The components feature silk-black finishes, Marantz “blue-light” cosmetics, art gallery-quality aesthetics, and 5mm-thick aluminum chassis.

The SACD player features vibration-damped cabinet, massive power supply with a toroidal transformer, and unsurpassed Precision Super Audio CD Drive to deliver high-speed signal handling over the widest possible frequency range, the company said. The unit plays two-channel SACDs, CDs, and MP3- and WMA-encoded CDs.

The integrated amp is rated at 2×140 watts at 4 ohms and 2×90 into 8 ohms. It features constant current feedback phono equalization circuit that handles moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges.