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Lowe’s And Alexa Are Now A Thing

Lowe’s has welcomed Amazon into its Iris family of home-automation products with open arms.

The No. 2 home improvement chain has joined the growing ranks of developers who have incorporated the e-tailer’s Alexa intelligent voice control service into its devices.

Iris customers can now command Alexa to brighten kitchen lights, turn off the living room fan and adjust the temperature in the bedroom:

“We’re developing additional, custom-built skills so that in the near-future, Iris users can have even more engagement with their systems,” an Iris by Lowe’s spokesperson relayed to TWICE. “For instance, a user can set a ‘movie night’ scene in their living room where lights dim, temperature lowers and the popcorn machine turns on with just a single command.”

Lowe’s and Amazon have further cemented their budding relationship by carrying each other’s wares. Lowe’s customers can now find Echo — Amazon’s wireless speaker, personal digital assistant and home-automation hub — anchoring a new in-store connected-home display, while Iris devices are now available on Amazon for the first time.

So far only Iris smart plugs and thermostats are Alexa-enabled and sold on Amazon. “However, as our portfolio increases, so does the integration into a higher, more sophisticated level of skills,” the spokesperson said.

Lowe’s’ dedicated Echo displays feature the ecobee3 thermostat and Osram’s Lightify smart bulbs.