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Logitech Adds AFH Technology To Bluetooth Headset

Acting as a leader in working toward the next generation of Bluetooth, Logitech has added Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) to its mobile Bluetooth headsets.

AFH is a new technology now available for Bluetooth devices, which will be incorporated into Bluetooth 1.2. As for headsets, it will allow Logitech units to select open frequency bands when transmitting data within congested 2.4GHz areas, such as Wi-Fi hot spots.

AFH takes advantage of available frequencies without limiting the Bluetooth transmission to a set of frequencies occupied by other wireless standards. This ensures continuous, clear connections for Bluetooth headset users. The Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset containing AFH technology was scheduled for April availability in the United States.

AFH is designed to enable all devices that operate within the 2.4GHz band to work together simultaneously without reducing data transmission quality. This will eliminate the pips and pops on Logitech headsets, sometimes heard in congested 2.4GHz areas.

The Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset, at $99.95 suggested retail, allows cordless calls up to 30 feet away from a mobile phone. It offers eight hours of continuous talk time and more than three weeks of standby time.

The unit includes a noise-canceling microphone and a flexible soft-touch wraparound design, so the headset fits comfortably on either ear. It comes with a portable charging station that also functions as a protective case.