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Loewe Rolls Out Digital Chassis Series

INDIANAPOLIS — Sensory Science showed CEDIA attendees its next-generation line of high-resolution EDTV and HDTV monitors and unveiled its long awaited DTV set-top decoder.

Completing the television offerings for the new line was the company’s 2400 digital chassis, which now allows for RGB via VGA and HD component video inputs, for delivery of digital television formats in broadband form.

Among new offerings was the four-model Aconda series represented by two 30W-inch “Real-Flat” widescreen HDTV monitors, as well as two 38W-inch widescreen HDTV monitors that use Thomson’s 38W-inch curved 16:9 picture tube.

Models will be available in Piano Black or Stratos Metallic cabinets. The 30W-inch sets (models ACO 9303 PB and ACO 9303 SM) are due to ship in the fourth quarter, said Paul Fredrickson, Sensory Science marketing VP.

Other new sets with the 2400 chassis include a table model in the Planus PLA 5303 PL, a 30W-inch HDTV monitor ($3,300 suggested retail). It offers a matching optional consolette-base and is expected in the fourth quarter.

Also planned is a 32-inch 4:3 Calida model, capable of scanning the 1080i HDTV format. The latter will ship in the fourth quarter at a $2,400 suggested retail price.

The company’s digital set-top decoder (HDT100) will ship in the same fourth-quarter time frame at a $1,600, Fredrickson said. The unit will receive off-air ATSC broadcasts in all standard broadcast formats. It will output signals in the 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i formats, and it will add S-video and composite video inputs to upconvert analog signal sources.

Other products include a new California Audio Labs’ single-tray DVD player, model CL-2500 DVD, which will accommodate Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround sound, PCM, HDCD, standard CD and MP3 music formats.

The unit includes selectable sample rate conversion of 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96kHz bit rates, the company’s “Duplex RS-232” two-way intra-system connectivity networking control, and firmware upgradability through “CALUP CD-R” upgrade discs that will be made available in the future.