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Linn Moves In New Directions

Linn launched its first DVD-receiver, expanded its amp selection, and unveiled its first five-way speaker.

The multiroom-capable DVD-receiver, the Linn Classik Movie System, ships November at an approximate suggested retail of $3,000. It can be used as a local source when integrated with the Knekt 128-zone distributed-AV system. Via CAT5, the Movie System and connected local sources can be accessed by multiple $1,995-suggested Classik Music System CD-receivers in other rooms.

The new amps are the company’s first five-channel home theater amps. The 5×125-watt 5125, comes in at a suggested $2,750. The second amp in the Klimax series, at 2×250 watts, costs a suggested $8,995.

The five-way speaker is the Komri with built-in powered subwoofers at a suggested $40,000/pair.

The company previously topped out its speaker line at $10,000/pair. Response goes out to 28kHz.

Linn’s music-software arm offers more than 10 two-channel SACD discs in the United States.