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Linksys Simplifies Wi-Fi Security

To help simplify the implementation of security protocols on Linksys home networking products, the company has started including its SecureEasySetup (SES) technology with many of its models.

The SES technology enables users to create their wireless security protocols and set up their Wi-Fi networks by pushing just one button on the router and another on the wireless device being networked, the company said. The button enables the unit’s Wi-Fi Protected Access security and configures the network’s Service Set Identifier (SSID), eliminating the need for the user to manually create a passphrase to enable WPA protection.

SES will be included on all forthcoming Linksys networking products and the following Linksys products, already on the market, can be upgraded with an available firmware download:

  • Wireless-G broadband router WRT54G (All Versions)
  • Wireless-G broadband router with SpeedBooster — WRT54GS (All versions)
  • Wireless-G notebook adapter — WPC54G (All versions except V2 )
  • Wireless-G notebook adapter with SpeedBooster — WPC54GS (All versions)
  • Wireless-G PCI adapter — WMP54G (All versions)
  • Wireless-G PCI adapter with SpeedBooster WMP54GS (All versions)
  • Wireless-G USB network adapter — WUSB54G (All versions)
  • Wireless-G USB network adapter with SpeedBooster — WUSB54GS (All versions).