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LH Labs Adds Soundbar, Subwoofer To Selection

Audio newcomer LH Labs, which offers high-resolution-audio DACs and headphone amplifiers, is branching out into soundbars with the launch of a curved model that incorporates video processing.

The company, founded in 2012, sells though its website and “has some retail distribution in place — both online and brick-and-mortar — but we are seeking to expand the reach of the brand with products like Inspire 5,” spokesman Jeff Coates told TWICE.

The Inspire 5 soundbar retails for $399. Its optional companion wireless subwoofer, the Sub 5, also costs $399. Both products are available for preorder from the company’s website and its Indiegogo page. Shipments start in May.

The soundbar features curved shape not just to match the shape of curved TVs but also to optimize imaging for people who are listening from an off-center location, the company said. The bar incorporates Silicon Image video processing to match the best picture with the best sound, the company added.

The bar features two HDMI 2.0 switching inputs that support 3D and 4K and HDCP 1.4 copy protection. Its HDMI output supports audio return channel. Other inputs include Bluetooth 4.0, optical input, analog input, and USB input to connect and play music from a hard drive.  

The soundbar also offers virtual surround processing, two 3-inch midbass drivers, and two 1-inch silk-dome tweeters.

Five listening models include a game mode, a music mode for flat response, a movie mode, and a TV mode, which enhances dialog intelligibility.

The soundbar delivers sound to 60Hz, but the optional 500-watt wireless subwoofer extends bass response to 36Hz. The subwoofer features two 8-inch drivers.