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LG, Sony Offering 4K TVs Meeting New Netflix Recommended Criteria

LG and Sony are the first TV makers to announce that select 2016 TVs have been certified under Netflix’s more stringent 2016 certification criteria for smart-TV performance and enhanced Netflix-streaming support.

Meantime, TCL is working on getting Netflix certification for its 2016 4K Roku TVs.

Last year, all three companies offered Netflix-certified TVs under Netflix’s less stringent criteria, as did Roku TVs from Hisense and Insignia.

LG’s selection of NetFlix Recommended TVs has grown to 25 4K models this year, up from 11 4K and 1080p models in the 2015 line. The 2016 Netflix Recommended lineup could grow to include 1080p TVs, the company added.

Sony is offering three flagship series of 2016 4K Android TV with the Netflix Recommended designation, offering the same number of certified SKUs as it did in 2015.

Netflix says its evaluation program “recognizes TVs that offer better performance, easier app access, and new features that make for a better smart TV. “ Certified TVs “deliver faster performance and easier access to the most popular services,” the company added.

For 2016, new criteria were added, and faster performance thresholds were established for existing criteria, Netflix said. 

For 2016, Netflix Recommended TVs must meet five of seven criteria. They are:

Instant on, enabling the TV to wake up quickly, with apps and smart menu features are ready to use right away;

— TV resume, which returns the viewer to where they left off — such as a particular app — when the TV is turned on again;

— the latest Netflix version with the latest Netflix features;

–fast Netflix-app launching;

–fast Netflix app resume, enabling a Netflix video to instantly resume when returning to Netflix from other apps or channels;

–a Netflix button on the remote; and

–prominent placement of the Netflix app on the TV display.

The Netflix Recommended designation appeared on TV in the U.S. for the first time in 2015. The program is being expanded this year to TV sold globally.