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LG’s Wireless Multiroom-Audio System Ready To Roll

Seoul, South Korea — LG will go to September’s IFA show in Berlin with its first wireless multiroom-audio speaker system.

The LG Music Flow portfolio includes the 70-watt H7 speaker, 40-watt H5 speaker and the R1 network bridge, which connects to a home router to synchronize music among multiple speakers in different rooms. These products will ship in August in the U.K. and in other European markets following IFA 2014 Berlin in early September. The 30-watt H3 speaker and 320-watt HS6 soundbar will roll out globally “soon after,” presumably including the U.S., but a spokesperson said U.S. plans have not been determined.

The products incorporate mesh network technology and dual-band Wi-Fi. Although the company promoted it as the first system of its type to offer high-resolution 24 bit/192kHz playback, a wireless multiroom-audio system from Lenbrook Industries’ Bluesound brand also offers such a capabaility.

During International CES, LG showed the 70-watt NP8740 and the 40-watt NP8540, which presumably had their names changed to the H7 and H5. At the time, they were targeted for late Q2 or early Q3 availability in the U.S.

The system uses Apple and Android mobile devices, which are equipped with an LG app, as a system controller to control the speakers, stream music from the mobile device to the speakers, and direct PC-stored music to speakers. The app also accesses Internet radio stations, recommends songs and playlists, and functions as a smartphone music player when the user is on the go.

Users can send one song simultaneously to all speakers or different songs to different speakers. Two speakers can be used simultaneously in one room with one speaker delivering the left channel and the other speaker delivering the right.

With Auto Music Play, users can listen to music outdoors on a smartphone and automatically hand off the music to a Music Flow system when they get inside.

The app’s Home Chat feature enables consumers to use the Line messaging app Line to issue voice commands to the system in natural English from inside the house or remotely, the company said. For example, users can remotely ask the Music Flow system for song and playlist recommendations available for a party when they get home.