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LG’s Newest Hom-Bot Turbo+ Robot Vacuum Is Also A Smart-Home Cam With Google Assistant

What would Rosie the Robot do?

LG introduced a trio of new Hom-Bot+ Turbo robotic vacuums this week, including one positioned as a home-security solution.

In addition to built-in Wi-Fi and two cameras, the flagship Hom-Bot Turbo+ (model CR5765GD) features voice-control operation via the Google Assistant on Google Home, as well as LG’s new HomeGuard motion-detection technology. The device will automatically snap five photos if movement is detected. It will also will live-stream video to a consumer’s smartphone via the HomeView feature.  

LG even goes so far as to position the vacuum as a sort of “digital babysitter.” For example, a company spokeswoman told TWICE, consumers can schedule the device to begin recording between certain time frames. If the kids are scheduled to come home from school at 3:00 p.m., users can monitor the home from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

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Consumers can view the live stream using LG’s SmartThingQ iOS and Android mobile app, where they can also remotely control the device. The upper camera is a CV Slam while the lower is OFS, able to monitor 4.92 feet to the right and left and 9.84 feet forward. 

Run time is said to be up to 100 minutes; it will return to the docking station when the battery becomes low and can continue monitoring from there.  

Of course, the Hom-Bot Turbo+ vacuums also do a bit of cleaning. Boasting square designs that LG said makes them more efficient cleaners, all three models are promised to be among the quietest on the market, reportedly registering just 60 dB on non-carpeted floors in its Normal mode. (The Turbo mode is a bit louder, at 68dB.)  

A mapping system, termed Dual Eye 2.0, employs the device’s cameras to scan a room, and LG said it can remember a room’s layout for future cleanings. Seven cleaning modes are offered, and they can be pre-programmed for set times. Consumers even have the option to use a slide-in dry mop cloth.

There are three new models in the line, although only the CR5765GD ($999 suggested retail) offers the HomeGuard technology. Models CR3465BB ($799) and CR3365RD ($699) feature seven and six automatic cleaning modes, respectively.