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LG Looks To Clear The Air

With the population aging and allergies on the rise, majap manufacturers are tapping into a lucrative health-related field: air quality products.

LG Electronics, long a mainstay of the room air market, is no different — except it’s raising the air-quality stakes by more than a thousand bucks.

The company’s forthcoming LG Signature air purifier and humidifier (Model AM501YWM1) is part of a super-premium platform of sleek Ultra HD OLED TVs, door-in-door refrigerators and laundry products that was introduced at CES 2016 and is making its collective debut before consumers this month. The TVs were first to hit retail, last March.

The air-quality unit is an all-in-one air purifier and humidifier that quickly moistens the air and eliminates particulate matter within a 300-square-foot radius. The air purifier employs semi-permanent Eco PM 1.0 black and deodorizing black filters that can be washed and reused for up to 10 years.

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Most noticeably, it also features a smart LED indicator that changes color from red to blue as the room’s air quality improves, and can also relay an automatic notification via a “patrol” function when the air quality falls below a certain level.

Other features include a unique watering system that allows the unit to attain optimum humidity up to twice as fast as typical air washers, and an easy-lift bucket for cleaning.

Due this quarter, the futuristic-looking device will be offered in white, weighs a little over 36 pounds, and stands about 28.5 inches tall. And, in keeping with its luxury pedigree, it will also carry a luxurious retail price: $1,699.