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LG Lets Quantum Dot Cat Out Of Bag

Englewood Cliffs, N.J. — LG Electronics (LG) formally revealed Monday night that it will introduce at next month’s 2015 International CES its first line of 4K Ultra HDTV LED LCD TVs using quantum dot technology.

Ironically, quantum dot technology is the technology used for several years in Sony’s Triluminus Display systems to produce a wider color gamut and stay competitive with emerging display technologies like LG’s big-screen organic light emitting diode (OLED) TVs.

Several other manufacturers have said over the course of the year that they too will pursue quantum dot approaches in their various LED LCD technologies planned for CES.

By making its announcement now, LG appears to be taking some air out of its rivals’ expected pronouncements that quantum dot technology is a less expensive alternative to OLED.

Like its rivals, LG too is saying its 4K UHD TVs with quantum dot technology will offer a wider color palette and improved color saturation than conventional LCD TVs. But LG is saying the sets will be available in 2015 “to complement” LG’s Ultra HD OLED TV offerings – offering consumers a broader selection of technology options.

 LG noted that quantum dot technology displays an extremely wide color gamut, making it ideal for 4K content.

The technology works by harnessing nanocrystals that range in size from two to 10 nanometers. Each dot emits a different color depending on its size. By adding a film of quantum dots in front of the LCD backlight, picture color reproduction rate and overall brightness are significantly improved.

 LG continued that “since the nano-sized dots emit extraordinarily vivid colors, quantum dot technology is able to enhance the already stunning capabilities of LG’s 4K UHD In-Plane Switching (IPS) displays.”

LG said that the color reproduction rate in LG’s IPS panels, which offer high color accuracy and extra-wide viewing angles, is increased with the addition of the quantum dot film by more than 30 percent compared with conventional LCD/LED TVs.

 LG said its quantum dot displays also will omit cadmium and other toxic heavy metals.

 “Quantum dot’s vibrant and vivid color reproduction capabilities bring LG’s LCD TVs to the next level when it comes to picture quality,” stated In-kyu Lee, LG Electronics Home Entertainment senior VP and head of the TV and monitor division. “The addition of Ultra HD TV with quantum dot technology to our TV lineup, positioned under our award-winning OLED TVs, further establishes LG as a leading provider of the most diverse and innovative TV display technologies in the industry.”