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LG Expanding Component Business With 3D Camera Module

LG Electronics is teaming up with CEVA, a leading licensor of signal processing IP technology, to market a low-cost smart 3D camera module for application in CE products, robots, gaming devices and smart vehicles.

The 3D camera module will provide the processing power to perform a wide variety of 3D sensing applications including biometric face authentication, 3D reconstruction, gesture/posture tracking, obstacle detection, AR and VR.

“There is a clear demand for cost-efficient 3D camera sensor modules to enable an enriched user experience for smartphones, AR and VR devices and to provide a robust localization and mapping solution for robots and autonomous cars,” said Shin Yun-sup, principal engineer at LG Electronics. “Through our collaboration with CEVA, we are addressing this demand with a fully-featured compact 3D module, offering exceptional performance thanks to our in-house algorithms and the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP.”

LG, up to this point, has largely ceded the imaging component business to rivals Sony and Samsung, but as margins for consumer devices shrink, those companies are relying on their component business for profit. LG has the R&D and manufacturing capacity to make a splash in this space.