LG Disputes Prelim Ruling On Washing Machines


LG said in a statement that, although it has just started studying the notice, the government's calculations appear to be significantly overstated. While pledging to continue to cooperate fully with the Commerce Department on this investigation, the company vowed to aggressively contest the calculations before the final determination is issued in this investigation, expected in December.

Today's preliminary determination of a 12.15 percent dumping margin for imports of LG washing machines follows the Commerce Department's "de minimis" countervailing duty preliminary determination in May, effectively finding that LG washers are not improperly subsidized by the government of Korea.

Regardless of the Commerce Department's final determinations, LG Electronics said it is confident that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) will find that imports of LG washing machines from Korea have not injured the domestic industry, principally Whirlpool Corporation, which launched this investigation. The ITC's decision on the injury issue is expected in January 2013.


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