LG Debuts 'Blast Chiller' Fridge Feature At International CES



LG is unveiling an extralarge capacity three-door refrigerator (model LFX31935) this week at International CES that features a proprietary “blast chiller” feature.

The quick-chill technology allows the 36-inch refrigerator to cool off a 12-ounce beverage can in less than five minutes, compared with the 40 minutes required by a typical refrigerator, even within in the freezer compartment, LG said.

The innovation is made possible by a “jet flow and swirling structure” and dedicated air supply duct that does not impact the performance of the main refrigerator or freezer section, the company said. The Blast Chiller compartment itself can accommodate two cans of soda or a bottle of wine.

LG said a 23 percent reduction in insulation thickness affords the LFX31935 nearly 20 percent more interior space than other 36-inch refrigerators on the market, making it among the largest capacity models in that size.

Other features include LG’s streamlined “Slim SpacePlus” ice-making system, a patented linear compressor, dual evaporators that react quickly to changes in temperature and humidity, strategically place vents, and forced air circulation to help remove food odors.

Returning to LG’s CES booth this year is a robotic vacuum cleaner. This latest model, the LrV5900 Hom-Bot, incorporates advanced dual-eye mapping navigation and ultrasonic and infrared sensors to identify obstacles in real time. The machine uses a long-life cycle lithium-polymer battery, and reduced noise levels that have been lowered to 60dB (IEC).


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