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LG Clears The Air With PuriCare Launch

LG Electronics first collection of air quality products for the U.S. market, dubbed LG PuriCare, has formally launched at retail. The collection includes three models of air purifiers and an energy-efficient dehumidifier designed to clean and deodorize indoor air, provide relief to asthma and allergy sufferers, and enhance room esthetics with their sleek, sophisticated designs. The air purifiers, which come in tower and round console formats, automatically detect airborne contaminants and reduce smoke, pollen and other air pollutants. Operating as quietly as 20dB, each model features a three-stage filtration system comprised of a washable pre-filter, a PuriCare micro particle filter, and a deodorizing filter to reduce unpleasant smells and volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde. The line is rolling out now to retailers nationwide.