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Lexar Bows USB Photo Connection Kit

Lexar Media yesterday introduced the Universal Serial Bus Photo Connection kit that allows the downloading of images through a PC’s USB port.

The kit includes an upgraded CompactFlash card embedded with USB technology and a USB cable, said Jack Peterson, Lexar’s VP of consumer products. Placing the USB technology on the card instead of the cable reduces production costs to the point where the company will not have to charge extra for either product, Peterson said. All Lexar CompactFlash cards will be phased over to include the new technology.

The CompactFlash card is inserted into a slot at one end of the cable, which is connected to the PC’s USB port. When the camera is attached to the USB port it will appear as the D: drive on the PC. A version that uses a PC’s parallel port is already available.

In other news, Peterson announced that a 128MB CompactFlash card would become available in about 40 days. Pricing was not reported.