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Lenovo’s First Tablet On Tap For CES


Lenovo will show off its first consumer
and business tablets at International CES.

The company will also introduce new models into its
consumer IdeaPad lines of laptops and all-in-one computers.

Nick Reynolds, Lenovo’s global marketing director,
product group, said consumer and business tablets
would be included among the introductions. However,
he declined to reveal any details by press time.

Lenovo was much more forthcoming with information
regarding its notebook and desktop CES plans.

Lenovo will also press on with plans to expand its retail
footprint in the North American market.

“Retail is very important. We now have about 2,200
storefronts in North America and we want to expand the
number of our retail partners aggressively,” Reynolds

The company will show new all-in-one (AIO) PCs in
its A, B and C series, with prices ranging from $399 to
$1,299. On the traditional desktop segment are models in
its K, H and Q series, $249 to $1,999, and new notebook
models will be unveiled in seven different IdeaPad lines.

Lenovo will not introduce any new netbooks at the

“We see slates having an impact on the netbook market.
Slates and netbooks are similar to each other in how
they are for consumer content,” said Reynolds.

The company updated its S10 netbook line in April

The new AIO models start with the A710. This is a
3D-capable model with a 23-inch multitouch screen that
can show full 1,080p resolution. Prices will range up to

The B-series AIOs, priced from $599 and $1,299, will
contain the B520 and B320. The B520 is a 23-inch 3D
model, while the B320 has an optional TV tuner card.

The C205 is Lenovo’s small-footprint model with prices
in the $399 range.

Lenovo’s laptop rollout consists of five models strictly
intended for the consumer space and two for the SO/
HO market.

Reynolds said the company is spreading out its product
portfolio to cover more price points.

The new Y-series models are the Y570d, Y570 and
Y470. These use the Intel second-generation Core i3, i5
and i7 processors with up to Nvidia GT555M with 1GB
of GDDR5 memory available on the Y570. This model
also has 3D viewing capability. Prices will range from
$799 to $999.