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Lenovo Has First Tablets With Virtualized Dolby Atmos

Lenovo didn’t forget North America in launching a variety of communications and computing products at IFA 2015, where it unveiled the industry’s first tablet delivering a virtualized Dolby Atmos surround experience through built-in front speakers.

Other new products heading to North America include gaming-optimized desktop and laptop PCs, PCs with Intel’s sixth-generation Core processors, and Lenovo’s lowest priced Chromebook to date at $179. All new products are due in the fourth quarter.

The tablet delivering a virtual Atmos surround experience through four front-facing JBL as well as through a standard pair of headphones. The $499 10.1-inch Android 5.0 Yoga Tab 3 Pro also features built-in 180-degree-rotatable 70-inch video projector for home-theater and professional use. It’s due in November with quad HD screen.

Two lower priced Yoga tablets also incorporate Dolby Atmos and virtual Atmos experience through headphones but not through their pair of front speakers. They are the 8-inch Yoga Tab 3 at $169, due in October, and the 10-inch Yoga Tab 3 at $199, due in November.

For working gamers: The Ideacentre Y900 and Y700 desktops and Ideapad laptop are designed for the growing population of “working gamers,” the company said. All feature the latest sixth-generation Intel processor options. The laptop also comes with AMD processor option.

The Y series desktops feature processor options up to sixth-gen Intel quad-core i7 processors and discrete graphics options. They boast a chassis big enough to fit a full ATX motherboard and power supplies up to 1000 watts.

The Ideacentre Y900 and Y700 start at $1,599 and $999, respectively, depending on options. They’re due in November. The Ideapad Y700 laptop starts at $949 and is due in October.

Chromebook: The 11.6-inch Chromebook 100S laptop starts at $179 and will be available in October. It weighs 2.6 pounds, features HD display, uses Intel BayTrail-M processor, and comes with Intel RealSense camera, enabling gesture control of 3D-camera -enabled applications.

Ideacentre, Ideapad subbrands: New products include the Ideapad MIIX 700 two-in-one tablet, Ideacentre all-in-one AIO 700 desktop, and Ideapad 300 and 500 laptops, which are thinner and lighter than their Ideapad 100S, 300S and 500S cousins. All are due in October.

The 12-inch MIIX 700 two-in-one starts at $699 and is due in November. Processor options include the latest sixth-gen Intel Core i7 processor.

The Ideacentre AIO 700 starts at $1,099 for a 24-inch model and starts at $1,899 for a 27-inch model. All are due in October with sixth-gen Intel processor options.

The Ideapad 300 laptop starts at $399 and $549 for 15- and 15-inch models, respectively. The Ideapad 500 starts at $499 and $599 for 14- and 15-inch models, and the Ideapad 100S starts at $189 for an 11-inch model and $259 for a 14-inch model. They also feature sixth-gen Intel options.