Lenbrook Going Factory Direct For NAD, PSB, Tivoli



Lenbrook America will begin on June 1 to sell its NAD and PSB home audio brands through in-house regional sales managers for the first time after having sold exclusively through independent reps since the company’s founding 20 years ago.

Lenbrook is also going direct in selling the Tivoli Audio brand, whose marketing functions continue to remain in the hands of manufacturer Tivoli Audio.

Only two independent rep firms will be kept on as part of the plan to begin selling NAD and PSB products direct to retailers. Lenbrook is keeping NuTech Group for the sale of NAD, PSB and Tivoli Audio in the mid-Atlantic region. Connected Marketing will continue to represent Tivoli Audio in the metro New York region.

Beginning June 1, sales in all other regions will be managed by three regional sales managers, each responsible for sales of the NAD, PSB, and Tivoli brands. They will report to Dean Miller, who earlier this year was appointed president/CEO of the U.S.-based subsidiary of Canada’s Lenbrook Group.

The company eliminated the positions of NAD national sales manager, PSB national sales manager and Tivoli national sales manager. Jim Price, national sales manager for PSB and Tivoli, will become one of the company’s regional sales managers. Two other regional sales managers will be announced June 1.

Mark Stone continues in his capacity as marketing manager for the NAD and PSB brands, with most Tivoli marketing functions continuing to remain in the hands of Tivoli Audio, the tabletop audio supplier.

The decision to go direct created a stir among rep firms and dealers, and Miller admitted the decision was difficult, given Lenbrook’s long relationship with U.S. rep companies. “We’re grateful to these companies,” he said. Multiple factors, however, forced the company’s hand, including retail consolidation in the specialty-A/V channel, a flat audio specialty market, and continued rising business costs.

With the ranks of specialty dealers having dropped so much, added Lenbrook marketing manager Mark Stone, “We can reach them more cost effectively through direct sales.”

Overall, the company had used about 22 rep firms to sell the three brands, with some rep firms selling multiple brands.

The NAD Electronics and PSB Speakers brands are both celebrating 40-year anniversaries this year.


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