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Lego Fuses Digital Gap

New York — Lego announced a line of its bricks that can be used interactively with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The Fusion line will consist of four sets — Town Master, Battle Towers, Create & Race, and Resort Designer — all of which will come with a “capture plate” that lets mobile devices identify the bricks built upon it.  Users can snap a picture of the creation and import it into a mobile game.

According to the company, a series of challenges and interactions requires that users put down the mobile device and build new creations in order to advance in the game. For example, in the Town Master set, users complete errands and missions, such as fighting fires, and earn points to gain access to more structures. This was done to combat “zombie gaze,” said Ditte Bruun Pedersen, senior design manager, Lego Future Lab.

Three of the sets will launch in August; the fourth, Resort Designer, will launch in September. Each will carry a $34.99 suggested retail.