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The Lap Of Luxury

Ultra-premium appliances take center stage at the Architectural Digest Design Show

For the past 17 years the Architectural Digest Design Show (ADDS) has drawn decorators, designers, dealers and consumers to what is essentially a luxury bazaar for all things decorative in the home.

In more recent years, makers of ultra-premium major appliances, in search of a showcase beyond the broad-based Kitchen/Bath and Builders shows, have found a home on the piers over New York’s Hudson River, where the ADDS convenes each March.

Indeed, the kitchen contingent has now come to represent a major element of the show, as majaps continue to evolve from utilitarian machines to high-fashion statements that help define the home.

If there’s any doubt, just consider JennAir’s new Cuts collection, a limited-edition line of refrigerator towers draped in luxurious leather from high-end Italian tanneries, which are more accustomed to working with haute fashion houses than Whirlpool brands. As JennAir says, “We married fashion and urban experiences to bring softness into a typically cold place.”

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What’s more, as elite appliance distributor Marty Friedman of Eastern Marketing is prone to point out, the ultra-premium majap segment tends to be significantly more resilient during times of economic turbulence than its mass-market and even mass-premium counterparts, given its end-users’ ostensibly deeper pockets.

So take a gander at the following selection of ADDS showstoppers, which ought to put an end to the term “white goods” once and for all.