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Kitchen Trim Kits Can Heat Up Majap Sales

Micro-Trim, a 25-year-old supplier of standard and custom trim kits for residential and commercial cooktops and thermal and microwave ovens, is reminding dealers that its color-coated aluminum overlays can serve as a compelling adjunct to traditional majap sales.

The kits allow consumers with hard-to-fit kitchen cutouts broaden their SKU options, while providing an attractive, easily-installed solution for those looking to update their existing appliances, the supplier said. This creates new sales opportunities for retailers while engendering good will by saving customers money.

Micro-Trim cited David Watson, an outside sales rep for Kiva Kitchen and Bath in Los Angeles, which has now carried its products for several years. “Custom trim kits allow me to expand the offerings to my customer, which makes me more money,” he told the manufacturer. “It also saves my customers a ton of money from having to have cabinets and counters re-cut. That makes me look good and creates more sales in the long run.”

Mark Lafferty, sales VP at Lafferty’s Appliance in Texarkana, Texas, agreed. “You can sell a wider variety of product lines to fit any application,” he recounted for Micro-Trim. “If a customer wants a particular model and it’s anywhere close to the size of the hole, we can now do it.”

The supplier says its custom kits can be fabricated in as little as 48 hours, and are “usually much less expensive” than manufacturer-provided trim kits, which are built to their own specifications rather than the actual requirements of consumers.

Lafferty added that custom trim kits can boost profits as well as sales. “When we sell a microwave, for example, it’s automatic — we’re going to put a trim kit around it if it’s going into a built-in slot,” he told Micro-Trim. “We basically double our profits on selling the microwave. The trim kits are affordable to purchase, and you can turn around and make a nice profit on them.”

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