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Key Digital Bows DTV Transcoders

RIVERDALE, N.Y. — Key Digital Systems, a year-old start-up founded by one of the developers of HDTV and DVD technologies, announced it is marketing a new line of component and VGA digital adapters/ transcoders and an AV switcher.

Consumer products include a pair of VGA-to-component transcorders (priced at $159 and $299) that will convert VGA video signals, such as those emitted by PCs and DTV VGA-only set-top boxes, including Thomson’s RCA and ProScan models, to a Y-Pb-Pr format that can be displayed by HDTV, EDTV and SDTV monitors.

The high-end $299 model includes a loop-through function that enables simultaneous output to a component video Y-Pb-Pr monitor and a VGA-enabled monitor, such as a PC monitor.

The company said Best Buy will use its transcorders and distribution amps for in-store HDTV demonstrations.

Key Digital was founded a year ago by Mike Tsinberg, an engineer who worked on the development of HDTV with the Grand Alliance and Philips and on DVD at Toshiba.