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KEF Connects With iPods

KEF plans October shipments of its first iPod dock, which connects iPods and other-brand MP3 players to its two KEF Instant Theater HTiB systems.

The $149-suggested dock is due in October with die-cast zinc construction. Although details on its cable connection to the HTiBs were unavailable, the dock enables the HTiBs’ remotes to navigate an iPod’s audio and video content via an on-screen display or on the iPod’s own display. Nine iPod adapters are included. The device also recharges iPods.

The docks’ 3.5mm input allows for the connection of other-brand MP3 players, which are held upright, but the HTiBs won’t recharge other-brand MP3 players or display the MP3 player’s video content on a TV. The systems’ remote also won’t display other-brand MP3-player menus on the TV.