STEM kits to tap next-gen maker movement

Kano greatly widened its footprint this week with the rollout of its DIY computing kits for kids into more than 4,500 retail stores.

Retailers now stocking the company’s products include Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Microsoft,, The Source, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and Toys“R”Us. This expansion, which marks a four-fold increase for Kano, is fueled by $28 million in new funding, the company said.

Over 1,000 of these stores will feature interactive demo displays, both on shelves and on end-cap fixtures.

Kano kits combine device building (computers, sensors, light boards) and creative coding with a free online community. Products range from $30 Motion Sensor Kits to the $249 Computer Kit Complete, the latter of which is billed as a build-your-own laptop. There is also a $149 Computer Kit and an $80 Pixel Kit DIY light board, enabling users to draw and code animations, interactive apps and art. 


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