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Kaleidescape Joins One-Blue Licensing Program

New York – Kaleidescape, the innovator of home video server systems that at one time was the target of lawsuits from content rights holders, has joined the One-Blue Blu-ray Disc product licensing program.

One-Blue, LLC, which is administrator of the technology’s essential patents, announced Kaleidescape’s official licensee status, Friday.

One-Blue said Kaleidescape signed the registration BD agreement granting the company “access to important patents essential to the Blu-ray Disc standard from leading licensors.”

The latest move follows a June 2, 2014 settlement Kaleidescape reached with the DVD Copy Control Association in a decade-long court battle over consumers’ rights to digitally import DVDs onto the company’s server without the need to insert the physical disc.

In that settlement, Kaleidescape agreed to prevent its systems sold after November 14, 2014 from being able to import CSS-protected discs.

At the time, Kaleidescape said was cleared to move forward with its on-line delivery platform of digital movies and television programs.

Kaleidescape has shifted its strategy from enabling consumers to import Blu-ray quality video and audio programs from copy protected discs, to delivering digital files securely to its severs over the Internet.

Kaleidescape promotes its download service as offering true Blu-ray quality, with an unparalleled database of movie metadata.

To date, the online service’s main limitation, according to critics, has been the selection of movies. Presumbly signing on as an official One-Blue licensee will help lead to agreements with more studios, as the June 2nd settlement covered only CSS-protected DVDs.

At the time of the settlement, the company had promised that its online store’s movie selection would be significantly expanded by November 30, 2014.

Prior to the One-Blue license, Kaleidescape honored UltraViolet licenses in its store.