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JVC, Sensory Reach Dual-Deck Deal

Continuing to expand its licensing business, Sensory Science announced it has reached an agreement with JVC to give the developer of the VHS standard the ability to market dual-deck VCRs.

The announcement was the second dual-deck-licensing announcement from Sensory Science in a month. The company previously said that Thomson had signed a license to market mono dual-deck VCRs under the RCA brand.

In the Sensory Science disclosure, the marketer of Go-Video-branded dual decks said that the licensing deal will enable JVC to market digital VCR products, including a mini-DV/Super VHS dual-deck the Japanese manufacturer plans to introduce. Additionally, the deal will enable the two companies to collaborate on the development and manufacturing “of future products.”

The news was somewhat ironic, since Go-Video — the previous name for Sensory Science’s corporate operations — fought long legal battles with many of the largest Japanese VCR makers, including JVC, for refusing to manufacture products for Go-Video.

Money raised from the settlement of those suits helped fund the launch of the Go-Video’s sales operations, which eventually used Samsung and later Shintom to build its products.

A spokesperson for JVC of America said the licensing announcement was timed to coincide with the National Association of Broadcasters’ convention in Las Vegas, where JVC introduced a professional dual-deck VTR (model SRVS10, $2,000) that takes both the mini-DVC digital tape format and Super-VHS high-band analog format.

A spokesperson for JVC of America’s consumer products company said JVC plans to offer a consumer version of the dual-deck mini-DVC/S-VHS editing deck (model HRDVS1) later this year, at a price to be announced. — Greg Tarr