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Jury Finds Asko, Daewoo Violated LG Patents

Wilmington, Del. – A Delaware jury has determined that Asko Appliances and Daewoo Electronics infringed on three front-load washer patents held by LG Electronics.

The case, tried in the U.S. District Court, here, involved patented technology that provides consumers with large-capacity, direct-drive, high-spin-speed washers that produce low noise and vibration, LG said.

LG filed suit against Asko and Daewoo in 2008, alleging that the companies were selling “knock-offs” of patented LG washer designs.

This first phase of the trial addressed liability issues, i.e., determining whether the patent claims are valid and if they were infringed. LG said the jury verdict was consistent with decisions by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office regarding the patents’ validity, as well as with rulings on related lawsuits in Germany and Korea.

A damages and injunction phase is expected to follow.

LG added that it is “committed to protecting its rights related to its innovations.”