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June TV Shelf Share Hits Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart again factored prominently in positioning of the shelf share ranks for key TV categories during the month of June, according to a brand placement share scorecard report from Current Analysis West, a company of The NPD Group.

According to the market research firm, LCD TV placements at Wal-Mart during the period resulted in significant shelf-share gains for RCA and Philips products. RCA more than doubled its prior month’s LCD TV shelf share, going from 2.66 percent in May to 5.65 percent in June.

“The increase was the result of the introduction of the company’s newest 26-, 32-, 42-, and 46-inch LCD TVs at Wal-Mart,” Current Analysis West said.

RCA ranked sixth in the June shelf-share standings.

Like RCA, Wal-Mart placements of Philips’ newest LCD TVs helped the company make significant gains in shelf share, the firm continued. During June, Philips increased its shelf share by 3.16 percentage points to its monthly figure of 11.18 percent, good for second place in the June rankings.

The company’s newest 19-, 37-, 42- and 47-inch LCD TVs made their way to the retail channel. Of them, the 19- and 42-inch unit have Wal-Mart placements.

Sony took third place in shelf share at 9.82 percent, just ahead of Polaroid which registered 8.61 percent presence share.

Despite the introduction of four new models into the U.S. retail channel, Sharp’s shelf share declined from May to June.

Of Sharp’s newest 19-, 20-, 32- and 46-inch LCD TVs, none were assorted at Wal-Mart. In a year, Sharp’s shelf share has fallen from its June 2006 12.38 percent position to the current fifth-place 7.62 percent, Current Analysis West said.

Despite the gains made by Philips and RCA, Vizio was able to maintain its May 2007 shelf share. But its June 2007 share of 5.64 percent (seventh place) was a bit off from its May 2007 figure of 5.86 percent, Current Analysis said.

Samsung paced all brands for LCD TV shelf share in the period, tabulating 13.34 percent share in June.

In the plasma TV category during June, Pioneer increased its shelf share while gaining positioning at Costco stores.

Pioneer increased its shelf share by 3.01 percentage points, from 6.21 percent in May to 9.22 percent in June, good for fourth place in the brand standings.

What’s more, Current Analysis West data showed that Pioneer’s 42-inch Elite PRO940HD is currently being assorted at Costco at a $1,999 average sales price. While Pioneer has held shelf spots at Costco in the past, the PRO940HD is the first of the company’s “Elite” sub-brand models to make it on the shelves at Costco, Current Analysis reported.

Both Vizio and HP continue to slowly increase their shelf share in the retail plasma market in the month. Since June 2006, Vizio’s shelf share has made steady gains. A year ago, its shelf share was 1.58 percent, and in June 2007 it was 5.08 percent.

Similarly, Hewlett-Packard’s shelf share has gradually increased during the same time period, resulting in the company’s 4.08 percent (10th ranked) June 2007 shelf share.

Current Analysis said the most noticeable shelf-share drop for June 2007 was Hitachi’s. The manufacturer saw its shelf share fall from 13.48 percent in May 2007 to a fifth-ranked 8.86 percent in June.

Panasonic, with 20.28 percent, and Samsung, with 11.70 percent, held on to the first- and second-place spots for the month, Current Analysis said. LG was third.

In rear projection TV, Sony continued its dominance of retail shelves after the introduction of compact 37-inch 3LCD-based model. With a retail shelf share of 26.2 percent in June 2007, Sony remained in the top spot of the category’s retail shelf share rankings.

In June, Sony reinforced its product presence lead by shipping to Best Buy, Fry’s and others a 37-inch RPTV with an under $1,000 price tag.

Claiming the second seat, Samsung captured 19.8 percent product placement share in June and also released the 56-inch UltraSlim HL-T5676S with 1080p resolution at Circuit City with a $2,069 ASP.

Due to the reappearance of the CRT-based HD52W59 on Wal-Mart shelves, RCA added 3.3 percentage points to last month’s shelf share level to reach 12.8 percent share and seize third place, Current Analysis West reported.

The overall average selling prices for rear projection TVs continued to fall, with the exception of DLP models, the firm said.

The prices of DLP units have been quite stable over the year and saw a slight increase of $19 from last month’s ASP.