JBL Device Improves In-Car iPod Sound



Harman International has begun shipping a hand-held device that uses digital signal processing (DSP) to enhance the sound quality and imaging of music played through an existing car audio system from any MP3 player, portable media player, or smartphone.

The $239-suggested JBL MS- 2, which requires no installation, plugs into a car radio’s aux input and to the 3.5mm headphone output of a portable device. It uses digital equalization to automatically compensate for the sonic characteristics of a particular vehicle’s car audio system and for a particular vehicle’s acoustics.

Once connected, users press the setup button to automatically tune the output of each speaker. The device also features bass, treble, impact and image controls to allow for fine tuning.

The portable device weighs 3.2 ounces and fits into a pocket.

The device can also be used with home audio systems if it’s powered by a 6-volt DC power supply.


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