Jasco’s GE Chargers Want To Untangle Your Wire Nest

GE-branded wall chargers for multi-device households
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Oklahoma City — While wireless charging is in our future, it’s yet to arrive in most consumers’ homes. Looking to fix that bird’s nest of wires inhabiting most kitchen counters, Jasco has launched the GE-branded Wrap-n-Charge.

These USB wall chargers can power multiple devices simultaneously and are offered in two-, three- and four-USB-port options, with 2.4-, 3.4- and 4.4-amp charging. Features include fold-in prongs and built-in notches meant for easy wrapping of up to 9 feet of cable.

The chargers are designed so they won’t obstruct the second AC outlet when plugged in.

Pricing ranges from $29.99 to $44.99.


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