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Jamo Speakers Add Omnipolar Technology


Jamo, the Klipsch-owned brand
known for Danish design and direct-radiating
speakers, is adopting a variation of Mirage’s omnipolar
dispersion technology to produce small
spherical-shaped speakers.

Mirage, formerly a stand-alone speaker brand
within the Klipsch Group but now a series in the
Jamo franchise, uses Omniguide omnipolar
technology to disperse midrange
and high frequencies in a
360-degree dispersion pattern. Jamo’s
variation, called Omnisphere,
is a more compact version, enabling
Jamo to offer 360-degree
dispersion in two small spherical
speakers in the M360 series.

The series also includes a
compact 40-inch-tall floorstanding
speaker that uses the Omnisphere
technology and, from
the sides, features a design
reminiscent of a nautilus.

A center-channel speaker
without Omnisphere technology is also included in
the series along with two powered subs.

The series enables Jamo to fill a niche for speakers
focused on specific lifestyle applications, said
Klipsch Group product development VP Mark

The spherical speakers are the S25 at $149
each and S35 at $199 each. The C35 center channel
is $299 each, and F45 floorstanding speaker is
$1199/pair. The subs are $399 and $499.

The spherical speakers offer hidden binding
posts and an aluminum base assembly that rotates
for wall mount applications.