iSimple Launches HedFX Bluetooth Kit

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iSimple launched its HedFX line of ear buds and headsets late last month with the introduction of the ISHP3502, a Bluetooth stereo headset kit with A2DP audio streaming and hands-free calling capabilities.

The main component of the HedFX Bluetooth stereo headset kit ($89.95) is a black module meant to clips onto the user’s collar. Features include a multifunction interface, an OLED display screen, a windproof microphone and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The kit also includes a set of pro-performance ear buds that connect via the 3.5mm input, and a total of five interchangeable sound-isolating earpieces (three sizes of memory foam, one uni-size double seal and one uni-size triple seal).

Scott Rothstein, senior product manager, said: “iSimple has made a name for itself by offering cool, high-technology products that help people get the most from their portable devices. The Hed- FX Bluetooth headset follows in that tradition and we see this as being a product that will be incredibly popular with consumers and retailers alike.”


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