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Iomega Intros Storage Products At DigitalLife

Iomega introduced a string of storage products at the DigitalLife technology show last month, including the StorCenter network hard drive and the ScreenPlay portable multimedia drive.

Two StorCenter SKUs started shipping in late October with capacities of 160GB and 250GB and respective suggested retail prices of $199 and $299, respectively. These are network-attached storage units that Iomega is presenting as a method for consumers to better manage their content. It features universal plug-and-play connectivity and Iomega’s FolderShare file-sharing software. The latter application allows the user to set aside folders that can be viewed by others over the Web. The consumer sends an e-mail invite to view the public folder and the StorCenter automatically handles the setup. The device will also issue updates whenever something new is added to the shared folder.

The ScreenPlay multimedia drive is based on Iomega’s portable hard drive technology with the addition of audio/video connections and controls. The 60GB unit connects to a PC for content downloads, music, video or images. The device then plugs into any TV via the A/V jacks for playback. The device cannot record programming from a TV.

In the mini hard drive category the company introduced the 4GB and 8GB MicroMini. These are based on 1-inch hard drives and will ship at the end of October with respective suggested retail prices of $129 and $169.