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Iomega Introduces Removable Hard-Drive System

LAS VEGAS -Iomega introduced the Peerless Drive System, a cartridge-based hard drive that can act as an external storage device for PCs, notebook computers, and potentially, personal video recorders.

The Peerless is a two-piece system featuring a cartridge and small base unit. The cartridge fits into the top of the base unit, which contains the hard-drive electronics, while the 2.5-inch hard-drive platters reside in the cartridge.

The base unit and cartridges will ship in mid-2001 in 5GB, 10GB and 20GB capacities.

The base will carry a $249 suggested retail price, while the cartridges will cost, respectively, $129, $149 and $199, said Iomega marketing VP Doug Collier.

The base unit has USB and 1394 ports for connecting to a PC. Data is transferred at 15MB per second.

“We see this cartridge design as being multifaceted,” said Collier. “People can store their music collection on it and use it in the car or use it to transport work home from the office in much the same way a Zip disk is used.”

Other potential uses the company envisions for consumers are as an add-on module for a personal video recorder, enabling consumers to have a long-term storage space for their programs.

Iomega said it is also holding talks with PC vendors to have the device embedded in PCs.