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Intraix’s Klug Adds Home Control To Any Wi-Fi Router

Singapore start-up Intraix wants you to turn an existing Wi-Fi router into a smart-home hub by plugging in a USB stick incorporating smart-home technology.

The company’s Klug Home USB stick integrates wireless ZigBee HA technology and delivers smartphone control of ZigBee- and Wi-Fi-equipped smart-home products. They include products from Nest and SmartThings as well as Philips Hue lights, EcoBee thermostats, the Netatmo Weather Station, Billion and Belkin WeMo smart plugs, and various alarm systems and motion sensors. Klug Home also offers IFTTT support.

Klug Home connects to Fitbit wearables, enabling lights to be turned on and thermostats to be adjusted when the Fitbit detects a person getting up in the morning.

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Klug Home also delivers voice control of home-automation products via Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and OK Google (Google Now). 

Samsung USB stick: Intraix’s solution is a variation of a smart-home solution unveiled by Samsung, whose 2016 smart SUHD TVs accept a USB dongle that incorporates SmartThings home-automation technology to monitor and control home systems. The systems can be controlled from an on-TV UI or from a smartphone.

Klug Home is available for pre-order on Indiegogo at $79 for early adopters. The regular price will be $109. The first units are slated to ship in October.

Intraix, founded in 2012, already markets a home-automation device that enables Wi-Fi control of home air conditioners. The device, available only in Singapore, receives Wi-Fi commands and converts them to IR commands.

A computer engineer and an iOS developer are the company founders. Their team consists of electrical engineers, a software architect and a former Goldman Sachs technology analyst, a spokesperson said.