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The Internet Of Pets Has Arrived

New York — It was only a matter of time before we brought our pets online too, and two companies this week debuted products that do just that.

Start-up Petzila announced holiday availability of the PetziConnect, a Wi-Fi-connected device that allows owners to view HD video, dispense treats, and speak to and snap pictures of their pets remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

Designed to “create playful, mutually rewarding interaction that brightens the days of pets and their pet parents,” PetziConnect integrates an HD camera, high-quality audio and the ability to dispense your pet’s favorite treat at the touch of a button via the PetziConnect app. In addition, the iOS and Android app allows owners to share their pet photos and videos via social media and the company’s own soon-to-launch “social Petwork.”

It features multiple mounting options; a sophisticated treat-dispensing system with a hopper that holds more than 100 dog or cat treats that can dispense one to three treats with a push of an app button; treat-level notification that alerts the owner when treats are running low; a 720p HD video camera; low-light IR video capture; wide-angle viewing with motion detection; and customized PetziSkinz covers to blend with a home’s décor.

The company completed a successful Indiegogo campaign that helped fund and refine the product’s design. Priced at $169, the PetziConnect will be available for holidays and can be found at

Also debuting this week is the Gibi, a ruggedized, waterproof GPS collar tag for a dog or cat that tracks the pet in real time via a free app.

The tag can be slipped on any collar and via the app can be set to monitor safe zones and send text, email and app notifications if the pet leaves the zone. Instant precise location tracking is delivered with one touch of the app.

Gibi can be ordered here, on and in Walmart stores.