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Interact Offers GBA Accessories Arsenal

Interact Accessories, a subsidiary of Recoton, is greeting the arrival of Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance handheld video game platform with a number of peripheral products to support the system’s recent launch.

The Advance products include Power-Rumble FX ($24.99 suggested retail, May), which is billed as a rechargeable NiCad battery pack for up to 18 hours of handheld game play. It ships with an AC adapter, dual speakers and rubberized handgrips. Color options include purple and iceberg blue.

In addition, Interact is offering protective system facemasks with enhanced D-pads and fire buttons. Each unit ships in a two-pack carrying a $4.99 suggested retail price. The products are available in a variety of colors.

Also available is Bumper GBX, rubberized shock protector for the Advance at a $9.99 suggested retail.

The company is also enhancing battery life with a line of rechargeable battery packs. The Advance Power Pack, offers a 12-hour rechargeable NiCad battery add on at a $14.99 retail. The Power Pack EX is a 20-hour version at $19.99, and the PowerRumble is a 20-hour battery pack that includes a rumble feature, dual speakers and unit grip at a $24.99 suggested retail.

As another power option, Interact is offering an AC adapter and a car power adapter. Each unit carries a $6.99 retail.

For multiplayer gaming, Interact is shipping a Playline ($7.99) linking cable that permits head-to-head play between two users. The Playline X4 ($9.99) will tether together up to four Advances for expanded multiplayer action. Each piece includes 5 feet of cable available in a variety of color options.

Coming in July is Interact’s GameShark for Advances ($39.99). The unit will be preloaded with codes for top Advance titles to give gamers access to hidden weapons, characters and levels. It will include a 6-foot USB PC link cable and software to connect GameShark to a PC for access to the latest downloadable codes on the Internet.

The company is also helping to make Sony’s PlayStation One console a portable experience by offering a 5-inch mobile monitor ($179.99), which is available now. The LCD screen is book-ended by two stereo speakers and comes with a headphone jack, a car adapter and brightness, color and volume controls.

Joining it is the Mobile Power One ($49.99) battery pack that independently powers the PS One and Mobile Monitor for up to 2.5 hours without the need for adapters or cables.

The PS One fits directly on top of the unit, which also features quick charging and a charge status indicator.