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Intel Breaks Yearly, Quarterly Revenue Records


Intel reported its
GAAP net income climbed 167 percent to
$11.7 billion in 2010, for the period ending
Dec. 31.

This hike took place on revenue of $43.6

The company also posted a fourth-quarter
GAAP net income increase of 48 percent to
$3.4 billion on sales of $11.5 billion.

Intel cited a 21 percent increase in revenue
for the PC client group, with Atom microprocessor
and chipset revenue up 8 percent, or
$1.6 billion, for the year.

For the fourth quarter, PC client group
revenue was flat, with Atom processors only
generating $391 million in revenue for the

Prior to its financial release, Intel took
the wraps off its second-generation Core
processor family along with new chipsets and
wireless chips at International CES earlier
this month.

The introduction encompasses 20 devices,
including new Core i7, i5 and i3 processor
and Intel 6 Series chipsets. Intel Centrino Wi-
Fi and WiMax adapters are expected to be
included in more than 500 products this year,
the company said.

The second generation’s primary improvements
center on upgraded video capability,
including Wireless Display 2.0, which can
beam protected 1080p HD content from a
laptop to a television; faster HD conversion
for use on a mobile player; and better overall
graphics playback.

Intel also announced several partnerships
with Cinema Now, Warner Brothers Digital
Distribution, Sonic Solutions and Image
Entertainment. The deals work with Intel’s
Insider technology, which gives users the
ability to access premium HD movies on their
laptop or PC.

The Core processor family received Intel
Tubro Boost 2.0, which automatically reallocates
processor and GPU capability to
accelerate overall performance.

The quad-core processors will be available
on Jan. 9, with the dual-core following in