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Integra Ships First Of New A/V Receivers

Integra has shipped the $800-suggested DTR-5.9 audio/video receiver (AVR), the first in a series of products expected from the brand in the coming months.

Compared with the same-price model that it replaces, the DTR-5.9 doubles the number of HDMI 1.3 inputs to four. The 5.9 also becomes the first Integra AVR with Audyssey Dynamic EQ, which maintains flat frequency response and an enveloping surround-sound experience when soundtracks are played back at low volume levels.

The AVR is also Integra’s first Sirius-ready model, replacing its XM-ready predecessor. At least one other AVR supplier has dropped XM-ready inputs for Sirius-ready inputs in its lower-priced products, citing the lower cost of Sirius chips.

Also new at the $800 price point is 1080i up-scaling. The AVR’s predecessor offered only 480p deinterlacing.

Like its predecessor, the 5.9 decodes all surround formats authorized for use on Blu-ray discs. Other features include Audyssey 2EQ room correction technology; 7×90-watt amplifier into 8 ohms; and multiple custom-install features, such as three programmable 12-volt triggers, dual IR inputs, three assignable IR code sets, RS-232, and Ethernet port for third-party control systems.