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Insteon Enters HomeKit Arena

Irvine, Calif. — Insteon began offering its first Apple Home-Kit certified home-automation hub exclusively through and at $149 and will make the product available through unspecified retail stores in early July.

Earlier today, Lutron announced its first HomeKit-certified product.

Insteon also redesigned its app for iOS 8.1 and later iPhones and iPads to enable control of HomeKit-enabled products from various manufacturers, including HomeKit-enabled lights, door locks, color-changing bulbs, garage door openers, thermostats and the like. The app also works with more than 200 Insteon-brand products when paired with the Insteon Hub. The Insteon products incorporate the company’s proprietary RF and powerline technologies. Siri voice control works only with HomeKit-certified product, not with Insteon products, to enable spoken commands such as “turn off downstairs lights,” the company said.

HomeKit delivers a common protocol, secure pairing, and the ability to control individual or groups of products throughout the house, Insteon said. The Works with Apple HomeKit hub also lets users schedule scenes that adjust multiple devices and set repeats for days, weeks or specific dates.