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Infinity’s Beta Is Better

Infinity is replacing its Alpha series with Beta, which sports refined cosmetics, enhanced technology, and no increase in price from the comparable Alpha models.

The company is also expanding its selection of powered subwoofers with built-in parametric equalizer to overcome low-frequency room resonance that can reduce sonic accuracy. Two new models retail at a suggested $999 and $799.

The Betas, a step up from Infinity’s opening-price Primus series, are the company’s first speakers to extend response to 40kHz from 22kHz, pushing tweeter resonance outside the audible range.

They are also Infinity’s first speakers to incorporate a proprietary high-frequency waveguide that uses a series of graduated curves that flare from the inside to the outside. The waveguide is said to improve on- and off-axis high-frequency dispersion and smoothness.

The Beta series consists of two bookshelf speakers, two floor-standing models, two center channels, and a surround pair. Left-right prices range from $165 each to $499 each.

Beta ships at the end of the first quarter. Like Alpha, Beta will be open to all Infinity retail channels, including Circuit City.